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Psychotherapy for Children

Children do not seek therapy alone. 
The indication or desire usually comes from the perception of parents and/or the school that something “wrong” is happening. What's more... psychotherapy is usually not the first option.

Often parents and teachers have “tried everything”.


Your child may be thinking/behaving in extremes - sometimes everything is great and sometimes everything is horrible; 
breaking objects or self-harm; making decisions impulsively, without thinking about the consequences,

opposing or challenging everyone. 

You may be highly sensitive, punishing yourself for things that seem small, feeling your emotions with

more intensity than other people and having trouble overcoming unpleasant feelings of

feel. Or maybe you are too “closed” - few know your world and they are usually

strongly linked to electronic games. Ou may still be extremely anxious. 

Mental One can help with a highly specialized team.

Who can

to do?

Children from 3 years old*.

What frequency is needed?

Usually sessions 

weekly with

plus a monthly Parent Orientation session. 

How are the

Young children need to do it in person.

Who will assist me?

An expert

in child therapy

highly qualified.

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