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 Psychotherapy for Adults

The psychologist helps the client to recognize their emotions and thoughts, and to observe their behaviors in order to accept and/or change the problems in their life. It is a welcoming, trusting and non-judgmental space, a mutual work, where both are dedicated to resolving conflicts.

Who can

to do?

Adults of all ages.

What frequency is needed?

We believe in the one consultation per week model. This way, we are able to work with the patient so that they have time to absorb and reflect to continue the process the next week.

What are the sessions like?

They can be in person or online, and to be more convenient, the clinic operates extended hours.

Who will assist me?

All Mental One professionals are trained and experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy and third-generation therapies. These integrate several different approaches, such as mindfulness techniques, which encourage full attention in the present moment.

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