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Psychotherapy for Adolescents

We know that this phase of life is very special. Many hormonal changes occur and with them

emotions run high. 

Teenagers often ask for help! It is not always done directly but some behaviors are warnings that something is not right - they may appear closed off or perhaps too tearful.

Or aggressive and confrontational. School may no longer be as interesting as it used to be and comparisons

become increasingly stronger (and why not cruel). 

Maybe he's involved with drugs or is “always sick.” 

Mental One can help. We are experts.

Who can

to do?

Teenagers aged 12 to 18.

What frequency is needed?

Usually weekly and a monthly Parent Orientation session.

What are the sessions like?

In this age group we can do it online, but the environment must be fully protected.

In person is our preference.

Who will assist me?

Caring for this age group requires specialization. Our professionals are qualified. Count on us.

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