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If you never do, you'll never know.

Therapy is a tool for improving self-knowledge, it is a way of analyzing problems from another point of view. Everyone can benefit from it, since all human beings have questions and needs to be explored.

Asking for professional help is not a “crazy thing”. In therapy, people are able to identify their lights and shadows and learn to deal with them positively in their daily lives.
Psychologists do not facilitate answers, but they help the patient to find them, including through questions that the person may never have thought of. Furthermore, depending on the situation, exercises are suggested to help with this task.

Everything you need to know:

Who can

to do?


of any age.

What frequency is needed?

We believe in the one consultation per week model. This way, we are able to work with the patient so that they have time to absorb and reflect to continue the process the next week.

How are the

They can be in person or online, and to be more convenient, the clinic operates extended hours.

Who will assist me?

All Mental One professionals are trained and experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy and third-generation therapies. These integrate several different approaches, such as mindfulness techniques, which encourage full attention in the present moment.

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