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Did you know that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and contributes significantly to the global burden of disease?

It does not have a specific cause or fact, but rather a combination of factors: genetics, imbalance in brain chemistry, personality aspects (low self-esteem) and environmental aspects (history of abuse, invalidation, violence).

Because it takes longer to pass, depression interferes with several aspects of a person's life, especially their interpersonal relationships.   

See the main symptoms: 

    ⁃    The person loses interest in activities that previously gave them pleasure.
   ⁃    There is a feeling of hopelessness, abandonment and lasting sadness. It doesn't pass. 
   ⁃    Sleep becomes unbalanced and the person sleeps too little or too much.  
   ⁃    He starts to act “disconnected”. It seems like nothing matters anymore. 

Depression is not “cool”. And there is treatment. You are not alone, seek professional help and live a better life.

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